ONLINE TABLE  Reservation

Online Table Reservation Systems

If you are running a café or restaurant, you can let your customers book their tables with the help of our table reservation system. It can be also customized for internet cafés, nightclubs, or similar businesses.


  • Wide range of schedule settings: Opening hours, weekdays and weekends, holidays, and much more…
  • Customizable email notifications for users and admins
  • Overbooking prevention system (Users cannot book the same table simultaneously)
  • Manual booking edits through the admin dashboard
  • User data checkups (date, time, party, name, phone number, email, and much more)
  • GDPR compliant


  • Mobile UX
  • Customizable date/time format, title, colors, and much more
  • Visual Composer compatible

Enriched Version

  • Unlimited businesses: Restaurants, cafés, clubs, and much more
  • Advanced reservation system: Manually create/delete reservations
  • Unique pages and forms for each business
  • Duration of booking
  • 24/7 support

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Our online restaurant reservation system is the best solution for all kinds of businesses such as restaurants, bars, clubs, and even resort events.

We help restaurants of all sizes to grow their business and make their tables available for their customers so that they can book whenever they want.

Moreover, you can use the booking form together with WordPress posts, WooCommerce product pages, carts, and checkout pages.

You can create separate rooms with different data. Moreover, you can also customize everything from the background image to color, room, or table size to booked seat colors.

Additionally, you can name your tables such as VIP, Standards, etc., set table and seat shape, and their background colors.

Our reservation system also supports different profiles to create schedules, such as monthly, weekly, or daily.

You can also implement different pricing for different types of tables such as price per seat, table, or one-time.

System owners can also create new tables with different labels, seats, and types. Moreover, you can also place your tables in a draft with the help of a smart guideline with a drag & drop feature.


The Best Table Reservation System for Restaurants

When you choose the room profile for your product in your dashboard, your customers will be able to see the tables and their locations. Later on, they can choose the number of seats that they would like to book to add them to their cart. They can display the details of their reservation and pricing on their cart pages.

The booking information of the placed orders can be displayed in the rooms manager section in the dashboard with their details.

For WordPress posts, system owners can create a room profile specific to these posts so that customers can view the tables and seats on the relevant posts. They can fill out the forms to submit their booking. An email will be sent to both system owners and customers.

Our great restaurant reservation system is highly flexible and easy to use. It comes as a plugin and offers great versatility to your website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your questions.


Our system allows you to create your own reservation system for your business. Thanks to our plugin, you can create your own tables and seats with the help of our smart guidelines. We also offer a drag & drop feature to provide more convenience while you are creating your rooms and seats. In this way, you can create as many tables or seats as you want. This will let your customers choose between different table types they like as well as the location of these tables in your business. All these provide great convenience and freedom of choice for your guests, which can leave a great impression. Needless to say, our plugin will make your website or business more favorable for your customers.

Features of Our Table Reservation System

We offer an easy-to-use and practical Food Menu and Restaurant Reservation plugin for WordPress. Besides the Restaurant Reservation solution, it also serves as WooCommerce Food Ordering, Restaurant Menu, Online Food Ordering, and much more!

Our WPCafe plugin has a simple yet effective design that includes a food menu, categories, reservation form, ingredients, and tags. It also displays in Elementor Builder Widgets and WordPress shortcodes for WP Bakery, Divi Builder support. In this way, you can display your Food Menu and Reservation form on any page, post, or widget area.


  • 2-step reservation form
  • Manual or automatic reservation confirmation
  • Manual reservation entry
  • Blocked dates
  • Email templates
  • Time shifts
  • Booking via tablets, mobile devices, and PC

Addons (Offered Separately)

  • Mailchimp integration
  • Follow up emails
  • Reminder
  • SMS integration (PushBullet, Twilio, BulkSMS)
  • Discount system