Are you looking for ways to increase the reach of your hotel and promote your services to your target audience? VallettaSoft can help you with its hotel web system. We offer practical, safe, and easy-to-use hotel systems for our clients!

Our Integrations Can Improve Your Online Services and Operations

VallettaSoft can develop hotel web systems that are fully integrated with industry-leading and popular systems such as, Airbnb,, and Trivago!

Moreover, we can develop systems for businesses of all sizes including a guesthouse, hotel, or holiday village! As a Netherlands-based company, we can provide turn-key solutions to businesses operating in the Netherlands.

Please visit the following link to check out the demo website:

What Is Included In Our Services?

  • Room reservation system
  • Booking management
  • Room searching system
  • Unlimited seasonal pricing support
  • Hostel system
  • Coupon codes for room discounts (including off percentage, expiration date, discount type, or credits)
  • iCal (Let’s you sync your system with popular services such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and more. This is available for businesses or homeowners with a single room type. The feature will be unavailable when you have more than one room type. However, if you have three unique rooms of the same type, you can still use this feature)
  • Additional service options (such as cleaning service)
  • Turn off booking option for rooms for certain dates
  • Special discount for consecutive stays

What Do We Offer In Our Hotel Website Services?

We can help you to get payments online and establish the required security measures to ensure the security and safety of your business and customers. Our security team handles all the details on your behalf to develop fully-secure systems with the most recent and proven security measures. This will also provide added security against cyber-attacks. Moreover, we also offer the following services to our clients:

  • Our systems can be integrated and synced with industry-leading websites and companies. So, whenever your rooms are booked in any system, you can easily view them through your own system.
  • Customers can easily book with our advanced reservation system. They can pick the number of rooms, date, or duration.
  • We also offer an admin dashboard for easy management. You do not have to be a tech-savvy person to handle your business through your dashboard.
  • You can get rid of the expensive commission costs by letting your customers book through your own system.
  • You can include or list as many rooms as you want with your own hotel booking system, which we are going to develop for you.
  • It is possible to add details, descriptions, and photos to your rooms. You can also list all the services and opportunities you offer for your guests.
  • Our hotel web system design is intuitive and easy to understand by visitors. We offer all the options to visitors to clearly book their rooms without any mistakes.
  • You can update your pricing whenever you want to offer unique discounts or adjust the prices for special occasions such as Christmas.
  • If you offer extra services to your guests, they can add these services to their cart before they checkout.
  • You can create as many discount coupons as you want to increase your customer loyalty and not lose a single customer.
  • You can offer all additional fees such as taxes in detail to your customers.
  • Your visitors can book multiple stays depending on their needs.
  • We design your hotel web system in 14 languages. Thus, you can reach international visitors from all around the world.


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What Do We Offer More?

What we offer as a part of our hotel reservation software service are not limited to the above-mentioned details.

We can help you to avoid paying high commission rates in different systems. You can also accept different payment methods on your system, in which the payments will be deposited to your business accounts. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the overbooking problem with the iCal system. You can also keep in touch with your customers through our SMS and email systems.

If you need improvements or maintenance for your system, our support team will be at your side whenever you need us. We can improve your system with new features or eliminate possible problems that may arise. VallettaSoft guarantees uninterrupted services with 100% uptime while offering affordable yet world-standard services.

Now, let’s check out our Hotel Booking Pro features together.

  • No Additional Plugin Purchase Will Be Required for Fully Functional Booking System
  • Your visitors can enjoy the advanced booking management system, in which they can search availability and pay without leaving your pages.
  • We offer a one-page accommodation page, where all the booking form, room details, pricing, and the gallery are available.
  • Our Search Availability Function lists results depending on the number of adults and children for the stay.
  • Your customers can provide their personal information on the checkout page and pay effortlessly.
  • Your customers can create their own accounts and keep track of their booking history.

Here are additional benefits for business owners who use, Airbnb,, or!

  • You will not have to pay any commission to such platforms anymore with your own system.
  • You can sync your system with Airbnb, Booking,, or TripAdvisor to avoid overbooking! It is quite easy to manage all your bookings on your own calendar.
  • You can get your payments directly to your business bank account!
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We Offer Ready-to-Use Solutions!

If you are in a hurry and looking for proven and well-designed systems, VallettaSoft can serve you too! We constantly update our systems and handle their maintenance. You can own your own system with a single click for the following businesses

  • Luxury Hotel
  • City Hotel
  • Beach Hotel
  • Mountain Hotel
  • Apartment

Enjoy Flexible Pricing Options

  • Seasonal Pricing: You can set your prices according to predetermined days for special occasions or seasons. Thus, we offer you great versatility in your pricing to boost your profitability.
  • Flexible Rates: You can offer dynamic pricing depending on the preferences of your guests such as no breakfast. Thus, you offer versatility for your guests in pricing.
  • Variable Pricing: You can also set dynamic pricing depending on the search criteria of your guests. You can offer various pricing according to the number of guests.
  • Weekly and Monthly Rates: You can also set different pricing depending on the duration of the stay. Moreover, you can offer weekly, monthly, or custom rates for your guests.
  • Booking Multiple Accommodations: Your guests can easily find their dream room only in seconds with our smart search algorithm. Your system also offers booking multiple stays in a single session to not miss any sales.
  • Additional Packages or Services: You can offer your guests additional packages or services that they can book during their session. You can charge your paid services per room or person.

Flexible Booking Rules

As a hotel owner or manager, you can set minimum or maximum days for a stay, adjust the check-in or check-out dates for all your rooms individually and for seasons. If you want, you can also turn off all the bookings for a limited time.

Online & Offline Payments

Our booking system accepts payments via PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, and Beanstream/Bambora, which are offered as built-in and integrated payment gateways. You can charge the entire fee or deposits for bookings so that your guest can pay the remaining fee after their arrival.

Taxes & Fees

You can list your mandatory fees, service, fee, and accommodation taxes on your booking system. Your guests can check these in detail before they checkout. Moreover, you can access the same data from your dashboard as well.

iCal Support for Automatic Sync

You can automatically sync your WordPress-based rental website with popular and online booking systems such as Airbnb or iCal eliminates the risks of overbooking for your business and guests.

Booking Management

You can easily view, sort, or intervene in all kinds of bookings or requests through a single dashboard!

Discount Coupons

You can manage the discount percentage, expiration date, offer different accommodation types, set check-in and -out dates, min., or max. days of stay and also other settings in your discount coupons.

Multi-Language Support

We offer a Free Polylang plugin so that you can translate your system to any language supported by the plugin. You can check our demo for more information.

GDPR Compliant System

Your visitors can easily check a box to give consent to your website terms and conditions before or during the booking.

Elementor Page Builder

We offer Elementor Page Builder together with your online reservation system. This industry-leading page builder offers the following features:

  • Intuitive Page Builder – Elementor is the most intuitive and easiest page builder you can use. Users can easily build amazing and custom pages by dragging and dropping modules.
  • Add & Manage Contents Visually – Elementor allows you to design your pages visually but shows you the exact image while you are designing your pages.
  • Responsive Preview – Elementor lets you check your design in different screen sizes without leaving the editor mode.
  • Drag & Drop Content Builder – You can create custom pages without any coding knowledge. All you need to do is drag and drop modules such as the gallery, map, blog, and so on. This is the most outstanding feature of Elementor.
  • Save Templates – You can work on your pages and then save them for future uses. Thus, you save time and effort.

Additional Custom WordPress Services

  • Fully Integrated WordPress Customizer – You can customize pages immediately and make them live! All your changes including colors, typography, texts, images, layout preferences, and background options take place instantly.
  • Develop Responsive Website – The Live Customizer allows you to check your designs in various screen sizes without leaving the page with a preview feature. You can check how your design looks on laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Live Preview Styled Typography – You can choose the best font among more than 500 Google Fonts through the customizer. Besides your font, you can change the font size, style, or color without any coding knowledge.
  • Advanced Font Management – Besides Google Fonts, we also offer Typekit and let you upload your custom fonts whenever you want without any plugin requirements.
  • Gallery & Image Protection – You can protect your images on your website from copying. If you want, you can prevent right-click, image dragging, or add watermarks.
  • Stylish Backgrounds – You can easily add images to your background, change its color or pattern. Besides the general settings, you can also customize the following options:
    • Change the background or background color of the main content, inputs, text areas, and buttons.
    • Change the menu background repeat options, color, image, size, attachment, or position.
    • Set menu or submenu hover state background color.
    • Change the top bar background color.
    • Change the side menu background repeat options, color, image, size, attachment, or position.
    • Set or change search input background color.
    • Change the page header background repeat options, color, image, size, attachment, or position.
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