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Video Animation Design Services in the Netherlands

Animated videos are more engaging and interesting, which can be a highly profitable type of content for many people. As VallettaSoft, we offer professional video animation services to help you to build brand awareness, provide versatility in your marketing efforts and boost your ROI.

You can tell your story or concept with the help of the graphics and characters in your animated videos. VallettaSoft lets you tell more about your complex concepts, promote your brand, and offer engaging content with graphics and characters.

What Types of Animation Do We Offer?

In 3D animation, we render and animate objects or characters with the recent software and video techniques. In broad terms, 3D animation is a video technique that creates horizontal, vertical, and depth perception in the viewer.

In 2D animation, depth perception is ignored. However, you can still effectively and creatively animate your products or services to offer engaging content for your audience. This animation technique uses vector and typographic elements.

2D Animation Techniques

Motion Graphics – This technique combines animation and graphic design to create content. In this technique, we combine photos, drawings, and videos and add some personal touches to make them look more appealing with effects.

Infographic Animation – This technique offers a great visuality and they are often created to convey information to viewers. In this way, they can learn more about your company, brand, product, or service quickly.


Video Are the Most Effective Content

Videos have 95% information retention! This means that viewers can remember the content or the message of a video much easier than any other content. Thus, it is great content for marketing efforts or creates a connection between your brand and your potential audience. In this way, your audience can remember your brand or message a lot easier compared to image or text content.

Animations are the best assets for videos. They are more humane and convey the information or message much easier. If you are planning to draw attention to your product or service, you can prefer our short animations made of illustrations. However, making your animations look professional is a serious and challenging task.

VallettaSoft can help you to create professional animation videos with your own elements, message, or content!

How Can We Grow Your Business with Our Video Animation Services?


Well, you might be wondering how we can help you to grow your business with our video animation services. Needless to say, videos are the most popular content in the world.

Every day, people are watching more than 1 billion hours of videos. Only YouTube has 5 billion daily video views and YouTube is the second largest website and search engine in the world. The video consumption trend has never continued for decades.


Most businesses focus on promoting their products. However, if you are looking for successful marketing efforts, then you need to catch the attention of your customers and then encourage them to shop from your brand.

In this respect, you can benefit from video animations to attract the attention of your potential customers and put them into the sales funnel.

There is quite diverse content on the internet, and you need to stand out in the competition even with your content too. Considering that people are watching more than 1 billion hours of videos every day, you need a solid strategy to stand out.

Video content is a proven strategy for the marketing efforts of businesses to connect to their target audience. Animations are great tools to increase your brand awareness and reach the masses. Branded animations can catch the attention of your target audience in no time.

Well, we have talked about video animations can boost your brand awareness and help you to connect with your audience but what about the sales?

90% of consumers state that videos affect their purchasing decisions. In this respect, video animations can help you to convert your social media followers to website visitors, where you can easily turn them into actual customers.

Well, what makes a video animation effective? Effective video animations get the viewers straight to the point and serve your goals.

We can create videos that will help you to catch the attention of your target audience until the end of the video so that you can convey any information you want to turn them into paying customers. Video animations are great tools that will help you to hit two birds with one stone.

For example, whiteboard video animations are the best video types that can help you to explain anything! They usually include plenty of information while appealing to the eyes of your target audience.

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