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VallettaSoft offers 14 years of experience in iOS & Android Mobile App Development

We can develop innovative and effective mobile applications that will help you to create a bond with your customers.

90% of the World Population Has Smartphones

Would you like your business to be in the pocket of your customers? Today, smartphones are the most used device in the world and 90% of the world population rely on them.

Almost all businesses prefer mobile applications to promote their brands, increase their brand awareness and access a larger audience.

As a Dutch company, VallettaSoft served many small, medium, and large enterprises to develop their iOS and Android applications, deploy their applications to app markets, develop prototypes, implement new features, release products, and offer maintenance services.

We are a reliable app design agency that successfully took part in hundreds of different mobile application projects. Our company is famous for being the number one mobile app design agency in the country. Although anyone can design a mobile application, the quality of the design and functionalities make the difference. For this purpose, our design and software team can guarantee success for your projects. We listen to your goals, preferences, and needs to offer you turn-key and satisfactory solutions.

Mobile App Design Agency in netherlands

VallettaSoft offers the best iOS and Android applications that fully meet the expectations and needs of our clients. We provide innovation and contemporary solutions with a unique approach.

As you know, the mobile audience is growing every passing day, and taking your brand or business to the pockets of your potential audience can help you to stand out in the competition. In this regard, we can design the best applications compatible with all screen sizes.

We put focus on the needs of users, offer consumer-oriented solutions and help you to turn complex designs into a simple and intuitive interface.

Our company developed iPhone, iPad, and Android applications in the Netherlands, Malta, the UK, Belgium, Germany, and Turkey.

Simple Approach Amazing Quality Applications

90% of the world’s population uses smartphones these days and they are the most widespread electronic device in the world. Everything is digital and you need a robust application to have a presence in the pockets of your potential customers.

VallettaSoft has years of experience in UX and UI design in mobile apps. We have helped numerous brands and businesses take the advantage of mobile devices to meet with their current and potential customers.

Our team analyzes the behavior of your target audience to offer a seamless experience for them. We can digitize your business with smooth and appealing features.

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VallettaSoft can help you to develop your custom mobile application no matter how complex or simple it should be. Our company has enough knowledge for all major application platforms to offer the best and custom solutions at affordable prices.

We evaluate the hardware and software capacity of your application to fully optimize the functionalities of your application across different mobile devices and screens. Without user-oriented mobile app development services, you can easily boost engagement, conversion, and traffic to your application.

What Do We Offer?

Designing a mobile application is a complex process that should not be underestimated. In addition to this, ensuring the security and safety of your users is another important task. Our company can offer comprehensive and scalable services for both iOS and Android operating systems. Here are some of the most common applications we develop:


Statistics About Mobile Applications

Here are some of the most important statistics that you might want to know about mobile applications. The following data can help you in your decision-making processes.

  • An average United States resident has more than 100 apps installed on his or her smartphone
  • An average person checks his or her smartphone 63 times a day.
  • 87% of the people check their smartphones an hour before they sleep.
  • 69% of the people check their smartphones five minutes before they sleep.
  • 79% of people stop using any digital product they purchased or installed a day after.
  • 57% of the traffic on the internet is coming from mobile devices.
  • More than 7 billion people have at least one smartphone.
  • The number of mobile app installs per year is 258 million installs.
  • Mobile device users spend around $157 billion for apps and products or services over their smartphones in a year.
  • The time spent on mobile apps corresponds to more than half of the time spent on digital media.
  • 90% of the time spent on smartphones is spent on mobile applications.
  • 85% of users prefer mobile applications over mobile websites.
  • Among Fortune 500 Companies, mobile applications correspond to 42% of all mobile sales.
  • In 2022, mobile application revenue in the United States is predicted to be $120 billion.
  • An average user has 30 applications on his or her smartphone and spends 35 hours on average in these applications in a month.

If you would like to take the advantage of these benefits right now, contact us now and learn more!

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iOS & Android Application Design Services

iOS app design and Android app design are two different terms that require different expertise. As VallettaSoft, we offer both services to make sure that you will have a robust presence on all mobile platforms. Our company has been offering development services for more than 14 years and offers turn-key solutions for its clients. Here are some of the outlines of our services:

  • Custom iOS and Android application development
  • Cross-platform or native solutions
  • Notification, geofencing, and power management services
  • Maintenance and after-sales support
  • Payment modules
  • Progressive web application development
  • Notification systems
  • Mail and SMS modules
  • Innovative designs with thousands of templates to choose from or request a custom one

VallettaSoft has been offering international services with the latest trends and technologies. We mainly provide custom solutions to businesses and brands in Netherlands, Malta, UK, Belgium, Germany, and Turkey.

iOS Application Development Services

Our software and design team can help you to develop comprehensive, stable, and scalable mobile applications for iOS operating systems. In this regard, we offer:

  • iPhone App Development Services
  • iPad App Development Services

Android Application Development Services

We also offer comprehensive, stable, and scalable mobile application services for Android operating systems. In this regard, we offer:

  • Android Mobile App Development Services
  • Android TV App Development Services
We Develop Both Android and iOS Applications for All Businesses

Whether you are planning to have an application for a particular application store or both of the most popular stores, we can help you! VallettaSoft can serve you as an app design company and develop amazing applications for both application stores!

All our applications have no downtime even during maintenance and improvement periods. We offer scalable and sustainable solutions so that you can constantly stay in touch with your audience or customers.

Moreover, we develop intuitive, easy-to-use applications depending on the feedback we have received from our clients and their users for 14 years. We can analyze what your target audience is looking for and design your applications accordingly.

We also offer API services for our clients who would like to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted data flow between different systems.

VallettaSoft Offers Exactly What You Want and Need

We analyze and assess what you need and want. Later on, we design an interface that meets your expectations. We pay utmost attention to smooth and speed transactions on your mobile applications, offer fast integration services, and deliver your project on time.

Our team offers 24/7 support anytime you need us! We will be at your side whenever you need urgent maintenance or support.

Whether you are looking for a corporate mobile app or a user-focused app, VallettaSoft can help you to develop exactly what you want or need.


Application Design Agency in netherlands

Whether we are going to develop a corporate mobile app or personal apps for our clients, we analyze the current trends, requirements in your industry and then benefit from the recent technologies to develop professional Android and iOS mobile applications.

We pay utmost attention to developing speedy and stable mobile applications and software. We can help you to stand out in your industry and competition with the unique style and design of your mobile project. As a Netherlands-based application agency, VallettaSoft analyzes, identifies, and evaluates the requests of its clients and their target audience before designing and developing applications. In this way, we successfully develop your mobile applications or software that provides added value to your customers and help your brand or business to stand out in the competition.

Together we will discuss your mobile software or application projects, assess your company or business needs. After this, we will prepare and plan all the improvements for the functionalities to ensure comfortable use for your mobile application or software users. In addition to this, we will discuss the ways to implement your special needs and preferences together.



Besides your mobile applications or software may have integrated modules, we can also develop digital assets with their own management panel. This allows brands and companies to fully develop digital assets according to their expectations and desires. Regardless of the industry or company type, as a Netherlands-based application agency, VallettaSoft develops user-friendly and functional mobile application or software projects that meet all the expectations, preferences, and needs of its clients.

You are going to work with an industry-leading application agency that will offer you what you are looking for and implement all kinds of requests in your mobile application or software project.


5 Key Features for Mobile Application Design

Design is a key feature in every aspect of our lives. Mobile devices are also the prominent gadgets in our lives and their importance is rapidly increasing every passing day. Thus, well-designed mobile applications are the key to success in every industry.

Creating a user-friendly mobile application is only possible with a great design. A mobile app must be visually appealing to users to be successful. Moreover, it must be intuitive and easy to use, which also puts emphasis on the design. We adopt industry standard and proven design approaches to develop the best mobile applications or software for your brand or business.

As VallettaSoft, we pay utmost attention to the following five criteria:

1. Color

Your mobile application must comply with the colors of your website, brand, business, or any digital asset you own. Adjusting the right color shade and harmony is essential to create a design that will reflect your brand or business.

2. Homepage

Homepage refers to the main page that users visit whenever they tap on your mobile application or software. It creates the first impression and directly affects the users’ behavior. In this regard, we come up with a creative and interesting homepage for your application or software. We also put emphasis on creating a high-resolution and visually appealing design.


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3. App Icon

Your mobile application icon is also another important aspect of a good design. Mobile users tap on this small square icon to access your application. We design eye-catching, interesting, and brand-related app icons to attract the attention of users to boost the efficiency of your applications.

4. Content Quality

Quality matters a lot in everything, and poor-quality images or content may have devastating results for your projects. Depending on the size of the mobile device screen, the size of your mobile app icon must scale, and we ensure this for you. We design scalable, high-resolution content and images to ensure that your users will enjoy your content in the best way possible.

5. Simple Content Screens

Practicality and simplicity are the key factors in designing a mobile application. For this reason, we design practical content screens and an application menu for your app. Users can easily access any content without following strict guides or tutorials.

Although many companies offer mobile application services, only a few of them offer user-friendly features, creative design, and professional services. If you are looking for a robust partner that will help you to develop out-of-the-box and effective applications or software, VallettaSoft can help you. We listen to your needs, expectation, and goals, develop a solid roadmap, implement all kinds of functionalities you are looking for and take your brand or business to the mobile world. We can help you to increase your reach, create user loyalty with our easy-to-understand design and native or cross-platform developments. You can contact us whenever you want to receive a free consultancy and quote!

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