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Are you looking for an eCommerce Webshop software for shop website and shop mobile apps?

You can start your own online business right now with our ready-to-use eCommerce website services. We offer quick, easy, and appealing Webshop ecommerce launches with the best user experience.

Our team builds user-friendly and practical eCommerce platforms so that your customers can easily view and buy your products or services.

We are one of the leading eCommerce service providers in the Netherlands. Our tailored packages can help you to launch your online business in no time! If you are looking for a robust solution partner, VallettaSoft is at your side with 14 years of experience.

We offer Webshop and eBusiness software where we deliver systems with integrated payment gateways, shipping management systems, and inventory management.

What Services Do We Offer?
  • Web hosting & support
  • Unlimited Product/Categories
  • Digital marketing
  • Webshop Design & Development
  • Email newsletter
  • Mobile design 
  • Search engine optimization
  • Logo design
  • Banner design
  • Graphic design
  • Facebook & Instagram Design 
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Webshop Software system for B2B and B2C

As VallettaSoft, we offer fully functioning eCommerce websites, which include payment gateways, language support, mobile applications, unlimited products and categories, advanced product filter options, B2B and B2C modules.

Moreover, we can help you to build your eCommerce system from scratch with robust and flawless communication, workflow, user experience, authentication, product and content management, shopping cart applications, and payment integrations.

What Do We Offer as a Part of Our eCommerce Website Solutions?

The safety and security of eCommerce systems are the most important metrics for businesses. As an eCommerce development company, we pay utmost attention to these metrics.

Besides, we pay utmost attention to the design of eCommerce websites. In this respect, we offer intuitive and easy-to-use designs that appeal to your potential customers.

We offer custom eCommerce packages that can be designed according to your own unique needs and preferences. We can help you to build your eCommerce systems from scratch and offer turn-key solutions.

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eCommerce Website Work Plan in 10 Steps

  • Determine the industry you are or going to operate
  • Pick the products or services you would like to sell
  • Create your brand
  • Build your eCommerce infrastructure
  • Create the design of your eCommerce system
  • Add your products or services to your system
  • Prepare shipping and logistics infrastructure
  • Register for payment provider services
  • Register your company
  • Boost the growth of your eBusiness with marketing

What Do We Offer in Our eCommerce Packages?

As VallettaSoft, we offer comprehensive solutions. Thus, you will not have to worry about handling any problems to start running your online business.

Here is a quick overview of our services:

  • Creative Design, Robust Development, and Successful Operation: We offer a mobile-friendly and intuitive design that is compatible with all screen sizes. Our systems work without any problems and interruptions.
  • Payment Gateways: How to handle your payments is crucial in eCommerce. We offer all-in-one solutions for your business.
  • Shipping Integration: We can help you to integrate different shipping systems into your eCommerce business.
  • Custom Product & Category Pages: We offer custom and advanced product and category pages, where your customers can easily find what they are looking for.
  • B2B & B2C Modules: We can provide solutions both in B2B & B2C business models regardless of your industry.
  • Advanced Product Filter Options: Your customers can filter your products and services even with the slightest detail with our advanced product filter options.
  • Multi-Page Google SEO Optimization: We can improve the ranking of your eCommerce business organically with multi-page Google SEO optimization practices.
  • CMS Training & Support: You will have full control over your CMS systems with our training & 24/7 support.
  • Multi-Language Support: Would you like to support other languages? We offer English, Maltese, Italian, and much more language support for your systems.
  • Responsive Design for Mobile Devices: The number of mobile users is increasing every passing day and we offer fully responsive designs for your systems.
  • Unlimited Product Upload: You can upload and sell as many products or services as you like.
  • Live Chat: Let your customers contact you without leaving your page to boost your conversion rates.
  • 7/24 Support: You can contact us for anything and whenever you want.
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We offer transparent pricing about our services and products. Besides ready-to-use packages, VallettaSoft also offers tailored eCommerce packages with tailored pricing. You can contact us whenever you want and get a free quote.

webshop Support & Maintenance Services

Our eCommerce maintenance team is located in Netherlands, Malta and Turkey to offer worldwide services to make sure that our clients operate without any interruption.


How Much Will It Cost You to Have Your Own Website?

Website design and development pricing depend on the requirements, needs, and expectations of our clients. Complex systems mean high costs. Thus, we will interview you in detail to learn more about your needs, expectations, and goals to offer you the best quote. On the other hand, most websites are still affordable enough for small businesses.

E-Commerce Solutions

What We Offer More for Your webshop?

The above-mentioned services such as payment gateways make up the core of your system. However, these are not enough for a robust online system. Although we will integrate payments such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or Apply Pay, you still need to improve your website technically.

Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest challenges for any online asset. Any interruption on your system may cost you. Thus, we implement strict security and safety measures to protect our customers from cyber-attacks including DoS & DDoS, Phishing, SQL Injection, Cyrptojacking, Man in the Middle Attacks, Password Attacks, and Eavesdropping Attacks.

We also develop an e-Newsletter system for your online business to collect data from your customers. In this way, you can use this data in your future marketing campaigns.

We can also help you to develop multiple stores in different languages and payment options. In this way, you can turn your local brand into an international brand. Moreover, we can also integrate your systems with eBay, Facebook, and other systems to increase your market share.


Why Is eCommerce Appealing for All Businesses?

Webshopis one of the fastest-growing industries all around the world and offers numerous advantages to business owners. Besides all the advantages of traditional trade, eCommerce removes the boundaries and is widely preferred by consumers.

Here are some of the advantages of webshop:
  • Your shop never closes, you can make sales 24/7
  • Do not need high starting costs and you can grow your business quickly
  • You can promote your products or services to any part of the world
  • You do not have to worry about working hours or holidays to make sales
  • Everyone uses the internet and they tend to make their shopping online
  • There is a great market in the digital world waiting for you, your products, or services
  • You can list all kinds of products in your store in seconds
  • You can reach millions of potential customers with digital marketing efforts
  • It is easier to turn potential customers into real customers who visit your store
  • Consumers can quickly make payment from home and get their products delivered to their address
  • You can benefit from all these opportunities by preferring VallettaSoft webshop software.

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