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It is worth talking about the banner element and why it is important or necessary before diving into our topic. Banner is a digital element, which can be referred to as the billboards on websites. There are many modules and elements on websites and the banner area is usually located right after the main menu. Thanks to its location, it can easily attract the attention of visitors and be used for marketing purposes. Moreover, every website can easily convey its message to its visitors through a banner area. This is why a banner is one of the most important elements on any website.

On the other hand, banners are not only used on websites. You can also use banners for paid advertising campaigns on the internet. Visual content is the best method for internet ads. Thus, text-only cannot compete with the efficiency of ads that include stunning images or the combinations of images and texts. Due to these reasons, banner design has crucial importance for both websites and internet advertising.

Moreover, banner designs can be used in outdoor ads as well. You can prefer them on billboards, ad posters, or any other printed ad materials such as brochures and catalogs.

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Once you launch your website as a business or organization, you need to take action to drive traffic to your website. As the competition in digital marketing gets harsher as years pass, promoting your website is getting more challenging. In this respect, a notable and effective banner design can support your efforts.

A decade ago, all the ad spaces on websites were standard and you could easily make the most out of them with 6-7 different banner designs. Today, mobile devices are the main means to visit websites and their responsiveness made the banner designs and ad images quite complex.

VallettaSoft knows how to implement your goals in your banner designs and offers you conversion-oriented designs. Moreover, we make sure that our designs will look effective in all screen sizes. Thus, you can use your banner designs on your ad campaigns and websites. Here is what we offer:

What Does an Impressive and Quality Banner Design Look Like?

...Banners must be minimalist and target-oriented...

Every banner must be simple, easy to understand with a clear message. Otherwise, your message will not be conveyed to your target audience.

Your full message should be delivered with the least words. It needs to arouse curiosity to get conversions.

Your banner must load fast. Otherwise, your target audience can miss your banner or will not wait enough to see it.

It must be displayed smoothly on all screen sizes, must be mobile-friendly and responsive.

The images must be high-quality and high-resolution images. Depending on your preferences and expectations, a banner may include content such as pictures, photos, graphic-infographic drawings, videos, animated images, GIFs, or vectors.

The dimension of the banner must not exceed the assigned space.

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Why Should You Prefer Professional Banner Design Services?

As we noted before, there are many components on websites, but the main ones are logo, menu, written content, and banner areas. The size allocated for banner areas may be unique to websites and their design. In general, banner areas are located on the top of the website, where visitors check after they visit a page. Thus, they allow you to convey your message most effectively. These designs can attract the attention of visitors before they engage in the content available on the page. Therefore, they are a great tool for many purposes.

A good banner design should be:

  • Easy to understand
  • Gives effective and full message with little text
  • Loads fast
  • Compatible with browsers and mobile devices
  • Supported with great images.

Besides websites, you can also use your banner designs in your ad campaign. For this reason, banner areas in news websites are highly practical. VallettaSoft can help you to have banners with any theme or concept. Depending on your requests, we can offer you designs that are compatible with all screen sizes for computers or mobile devices. In this way, you can deliver your message effectively on computers, tablets, or smartphones with responsive and touch screen banners.

We enjoy that the content aligns with the concept
Target audience, product, or service-oriented designs
We convey your message clearly and effectively

What Are the Best Banner Design Tips?

You need creative tests and optimizations to boost the efficiency of your banner ads.

Today, most people spend lots of time on the internet and digital marketing costs are increasing every passing day. If you are going to run an ad campaign, you need to analyze all the data to use your budget wisely.

For this reason, you need to run certain creative tests to measure the possible success of your marketing efforts in the digital world. Thanks to these tests, banner owners can optimize their ad campaigns and adopt new strategies.

Improving the ad campaigns is a costly and effortful process and it includes planning, testing, and optimizing your ad images to ensure success.

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How Much Does a Good Banner Design Cost?

VallettaSoft offers various packages and bundles for its clients.

Beginner Package


10 banner designs with their rights for your website & social media accounts.

Expert Package


20 banner designs with their rights for your website & social media accounts.

Advanced Package


30 banner designs with their rights for your website & social media accounts.