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VallettaSoft, a Netherlands-based leading Branding Agency, offers brand management services, where we can help you to grow your business and step ahead in the competitive marketing world.

Brand management services are offered to businesses and organizations that have more than one brand. If you run two or more brands at the same time, we can help you to manage them or provide consultancy.

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Would You Like Your Customers to Recommend Your Brand to Others?

We evaluate the value that your products or services offer to your customers, whether they meet the expectations of your customers, whether you do or do not use the right marketing methods by backing all our efforts with scientific analyses. We can help you to create a customer-oriented strategy that provides added value to your brand.

As a digital marketing agency in the Netherlands, we provide inclusive and comprehensive services to brands, who want to grow their business or stand out in the competition, with our professional team.

What Do We Do?

We analyze!

We help brands to figure out their benefits, make shifts in their plans to align with their goals, connect with their target audience, help them to develop robust strategies to position themselves in a good place in their competition.

Our services often help brands to redefine themselves to meet the expectations and needs of their customers.

We position!

Businesses may start a second, third, and even fourth brand at any time. We help them to manage their sub-brands, define their position between them and their potential customers, and consult them about the things they need to do to enhance their customer experience.

We give word!

We adopt a holistic approach to meet your brand and customers with robust, effective, and practical strategies. We also help brands to learn what kinds of improvements they can make to reach or increase their potential audience.

We are developing web design and digital marketing strategy!..

Every brand must have its own website and digital marketing strategy to be successful in the digital world. Our team will do the required research on your behalf, define your roles, and train your employees about how to reach your audience.

We strive!

We help our customers to understand the core metrics, how to start or what to do.

Additionally, we offer the following services as a part of our brand management consultancy services:


Every brand needs a name that attracts attention, is easily remembered, and is appreciated by customers. Without a doubt, finding a good name is the most important step for branding. You can start the competition ahead by finding the right name. Just like the importance of product names, the brand name is also important.

Naming a brand is not an easy task whether you are going to run a small or large-scale business. Besides businesses, naming a product, factory, service, building, competition, website, book, or movie is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. You cannot find the best name just in a few seconds or even days. If you are determined to find an effective name, you need lots of work or research to do so.

Unfortunately, most people do not put enough effort into naming their businesses, products, or services. On the other hand, you need a great brand name in case you want to be an international brand, grow, or create value for your customers.

A good name contributes to the brand. It must be easy to write, read and remember. Moreover, it must sound good, do not resemble other brands, have a global meaning, and must be accepted by your potential audience.

In this regard, VallettaSoft can help you to find the best name with our systematic, creative, and progressive approach.

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Building a Brand Architecture

What kind of a brand do you have? A corporate, store, product, or sub-brand? Do you have more than one brand and do they differ? Do they compete with each other? Do you have products offered by that brand but do not belong to your brand? Are you planning to gather your products under a single brand? If you have such intentions, it may be the right time to restructure your brand architecture.

Every business starts with a single name, and they start building their business with new products, facilities, stores, and investments.

You will not have to misname any of your assets that can hinder your development or growth in the future. It is important to draw your roadmap at the beginning and consider the future of your brand with solid brand architecture.

In this respect, VallettaSoft can help you to build your brand architecture to enjoy all benefits and opportunities in the future.


Even our community is divided into different segments and each segment has different characteristics. Thus, we need a unique approach for each segment. This is also true for your target audience and segmentation is one of the most important efforts in trade.

We divide your target audience into segments that consist of the potential audience with similar features and characteristics. Any target audience can be divided into small groups. For example, if you are running a furniture company, your two main segments will be the public and private sectors. In addition to this, you can divide the private sector into sub-segments such as small-scale companies, advertisers, lawyers, architects, and so on.

In this way, you can create and run dedicated campaigns for each segment. This will let you create a connection with your audience, grow faster, develop relevant marketing strategies, and boost your sales with on-target ads. As your brand grows and evolves, you will create more detailed segments to boost your profitability. Moreover, you may give up focusing on certain segments depending on ROI.

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How Does Brand Management Work?

What do you need to do to be a great brand? This is possible with brand management, and we have shared detailed information about it in the following.

So, How Does Brand Management Work?

It is possible to evaluate brand management under three headings. These are:




However, focusing on these requires hard work and dedication. Besides these three elements, you also need to focus on concepts and efforts such as:




To ensure the best results, we run analyses to create a solid strategy for your brand. In this analysis, we benefit from important metrics such as customers, needs, competitors, demographics, location, services, products, stakeholders, markets, or target audience. We combine the data we collect and use them to develop your strategy by benefiting from proven techniques and methods. This is where we start managing. Later on, we offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to inform our clients. Thus, we offer a transparent process.

Well, is that all?

Is brand management a one-time effort?

Of course, no.

Brand management is a continuous effort and keeps accumulating with new strategies, analysis, goals, tools, and methods as your brand keeps growing. Although there are plenty of tips and tricks that claim one-size-fits-all solutions, the facts are just the opposite and unique to brands.

Why Is Brand Management Important?

We have already answered the questions such as how does brand management work or what is brand management. They were all theoretical information and now, it is time to talk about why you may need brand management and why it may be important for all brands.

Brand management helps you to structure your brand and business for the future. It includes practices such as continuous education policy, internal communication, human resource management, budget management, process management, corporate awareness, specialization, and departmentalization. These were some of the facts you need to consider in brand management, and they can only be realized with organizations with high corporate awareness. Needless to say, they require lots of time and effort.

In short, brand management helps you to build your brand awareness in your target market. Thus, you need to start working on the pre-branding stages for your business. This is where you need to lay the foundations for your plans and strategies for the future. Thanks to brand management, you can clearly see the future of your brand and business so that you can take quick actions for growth.

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