Video  Tube Package

Are You Looking for a Multipurpose Video Portal WEBSITE DESIGN?

Do you need a website that looks and functions like YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime?

If you want to create a website like YouTube but do not know where to start, we are here for you! Besides such platforms, we can develop video blogs or review websites with a great design!

VallettaSoft offers its expertise for you to create the best website or system for your business!

We can develop websites where you can offer movies, projects, films, videos, and other media to your visitors! You can easily change or edit videos or images. If you would like to have such a popular website with high conversion rates, we can serve you with our eye-catching designs for your products.

Here is the demo you can check out:

If you have no experience in websites before, have no worries! You can launch your video website only in minutes with our easy-to-use systems!

Our V-Video Tube Package will not only help you to launch your video portal website but also let you create an amazing showcasing portal with robust and practical image galleries, wallpapers, themes, screenshots, and much more! If you want, you can also upload your self-hosted videos or embed them on your website. We also offer flexible sliders, detailed page designs to offer videos, YouTube integration for view counts, ready-to-use homepage layouts, and much more! Below, you can find some of the functionalities of our Video WordPress theme.

  1. Video-Sharing Portal Website
  2. Video News Website (Create your own video news website)
  3. Online Video Gallery Website (such as YouTube, Liveleak, and Vimeo)
  4. Video Magazine Website (Multimedia magazine portal)
  5. Netflix Inspired Website (Streaming portal)
  6. Videographer Website (Showcase your portfolios)
  7. Video Blogger Website (Multimedia blogs)

Adding content to your website, editing default images, and adding new pages are highly straightforward! You can also customize your website the way you want in line with your preferences and taste.

We also offer additional features in our website template. Besides ready-to-use layouts, you can easily edit and customize your homepage!

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Our Theme Comes with 8 Unique HTML Pages

  • Homepage
  • Listing Page
  • Video Detail Page
  • Blog Page
  • Blog Post Page
  • News Page
  • Contact Page
  • Static Page

Functional Homepage

We specially designed our homepage layouts to get the most yield! You can create dedicated spaces for different categories including popular videos or multimedia. Although you include plenty of categories, the overall layout will always look simple and practical.

Video Player Widget

Don’t you think the traditional YouTube video player is outdated? Our widget boosts the user experience by playing snippets of your best videos. This will add more functionality to your homepage and let you play video files without any extensions.

Movie, TV Show & Video Pages

You can list your movies, TV shows, and videos on dedicated pages. These are all archive pages with detailed filters. In this way, your visitors can set different parameters to find what they are looking for easily. They can even sort videos according to most viewed, liked, or commented metrics for movies, TV shows, and videos.


Advanced Filter & Sorting

Our V-Video Tube Package offers advanced filter and sorting options for your content! Besides featured content listing, your visitors can sort the content according to most viewed, liked, or commented metrics. Logged-in users can also access their search history!

Automated & Structured Data

Our MAS Videos & V-Video Tube Package automatically structures the data of your content on every listing page. In this way, you can optimize your pages for SEO to rank higher on the search results. You can also provide additional information for your content such as rating, type, review, cast, release date, and much more!