Custom Software Development

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Software Development company in amsterdam

Our expert developer team application that will fit and attract customers here to create!

Custom Software Development

We create custom software for your business with our custom software development services. Our deep industry expertise as business consultants empowers us to delve deeper into your needs. Vallettasoft business software development team works in perfect cooperation with you and offers successful software developed specifically for your business.

We are listening to you
We listen to your plans and ideas. By analyzing the current situation, we analyze how we can help you achieve your goals along with our improvement suggestions.

We Develop For You
Our business software development team develops your custom software. We are committed to keeping you informed of the progress of your product development.

We Submit Our Offer
After our software developers work on what they can do, and we prepare a detailed task plan. We then make our proposal and start developing your custom product.

Ready to Use
You can enjoy your business software tailored to your needs. Now you are ready to set yourself apart from your competitors by using your own special product.

We are professional software company in Amsterdam with our full stack developers. We have 10 + years experience in frontend & backend developments. We have some skills in a wide variety of coding niches, from databases to graphic design and UI/UX management in order to do job well.

Here is a summary of the things that we may and will be able to do for your projects:

– Core PHP, Laravel

– Git / Bitbucket     

– NPM, Gulp, SCSS

– WordPress, Shopify

– Clickfunnel, Lightspeed


– Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Foundation

– JS (javascript / jQuery)

– PSD/Sketch/AI to HTML/WordPress

– WordPress Theme and Plugin Development

– API integrations with plugins and themes

– eCommerce Solutions / WooCommerce

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Why Vallettasoft?

With our Business Management Software and Mobile Application Development services, we create the right application for your target audience and pave the way for your business to grow. Our expert developer team helps you develop software and applications by transferring our experience to you. We act with you in the custom software development process by supporting you to create management software and applications that will suit your business.

We take you and your team on the journey you want and dream of, with our team that specializes in various technologies, keeps up with the changing and developing world-class software technologies, and has chosen discipline and self-awareness as a way of life.

Application Development
Reach your customers through mobile or web-based applications. Attract your customers with your tailor-made apps. The development of new technologies has made it easier to reach customers through customer applications. Building the right app for your target audience paves the way for your business to grow. Our expert developer team is here to build the app that will fit your business and attract customers.

What is your main purpose for developing an application? It makes your job easier to increase your income, create brand awareness or develop applications for your customers. We talk about it first and focus on your main cause.

The design of the application is very important to make the application more attractive for users. We decide on the interface design according to your company profile and target audience.

Considering all your needs, our software team develops your application for the platforms you want.

Web Based Application Development

The development of internet technologies is increasing and the use of the internet is in our lives; It brings many conveniences such as cheap and fast communication and information sharing. With the increase in the use of the Internet, the web-based software needs of companies are also increasing. Vallettasoft offers the most suitable, convenient and fastest web-based application solutions for these needs of companies. You can access web-based software from anywhere with an internet connection without being connected to a single computer.

Vallettasoft; It offers special web-based application solutions to its customers by following the ever-evolving internet technologies, providing more functions and flexibility, using all the values ​​that HTML5 and CSS3 add to new internet technologies, combining and customizing AJAX and JQuery and applying the design elements to be created as a result. .

Vallettasoft prepares the project plan by holding meetings with the customer in all processes from the start of the application development to the end in order to provide maximum efficiency, accurate and full service, ease of use and customer satisfaction with its customers, to which it will provide web-based application development services, and base the project plan and mutually agreed decisions. It completes the web-based application development process.

Vallettasoft, with its expert and professional team, develops highly reliable and controllable software that will meet all your web-based application needs, from the simplest to the most complex, using .NET technologies.

With the web-based applications it has developed, Vallettasoft ensures that your work is done more systematically and in a planned manner, while helping you to reduce your costs and protecting data integrity.


Vallettasoft, with its experienced staff specialized in different technologies, offers web-based, desktop and mobile special application solutions to meet all kinds of software needs of companies.

Vallettasoft performs its software development service in accordance with world-class application lifecycle models and by following technological innovations.
Vallettasoft provides custom software development services to companies; offers flexible, innovative, reliable, safe, sustainable and quality solutions.

It defines the project development process as a continuous service that starts with the determination of customers’ needs and continues with updating them in line with changing needs. Period; It covers the operation of Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Test, Installation and Maintenance steps in order.

Vallettasoft provides its customers with special software development services;

  • Effective use of time and resources
  • High performance and quality
  • Sustainability
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Maintainability provides features.
Desktop Application Development

Desktop software applications, which are run on the end user’s machine, take all the necessary system resources from the operating system on the end user machine, do not need internet, can manage millions of data, store data securely, provide full control to the user, application developer and administrator, and minimize the workforce. It is a software development application type that provides ease of analysis and reporting, works as a closed circuit and is faster and more serial than web-based software applications. Desktop software are software applications that all businesses may need. Vallettasoft provides company-specific desktop software development services for basic applications to be used by small and medium-sized companies and/or for systems to which millions of users are connected at the same time in large-scale companies.

Vallettasoft prepares the project plan by holding meetings with the customer in all processes from the start of the application development to the end in order to provide maximum efficiency, correct and full service, ease of use and customer satisfaction with its customers, to whom it will provide desktop software development services, based on the project plan and mutually agreed decisions. It completes the web-based application development process.

Vallettasoft, with its professional team specialized in its field, offers the best solution and increases your workforce by realizing the desktop software you need in a way that will run smoothly on your system.

Mobile Application Development

Today, the number of mobile device users is increasing rapidly. 36% of the world’s population uses smartphones and this rate is expected to exceed 50% by 2020. While the use of mobile devices has increased at such a rapid rate, it has become inevitable for companies to turn to this field.

Having made a name for itself in the industry by developing web-based applications, Vallettasoft also provides mobile application services to its customers by developing applications for IOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms, as well as web applications.

Vallettasoft, with its experienced and expert staff, develops mobile application software that can best meet the needs of customers in line with their wishes, and offers a system that can work 24/7 wherever your GSM operator can reach.

Mobile applications create a new channel for B2B and B2C users. It makes it possible to access all or some of the implemented services. One of the biggest examples of today is Mobile Banking solutions.

While developing mobile applications, Vallettasoft develops software that meets the demands and expectations of customers with the principle of customer focus, and ensures that the software it develops has quality, traceable, changeable, reliable, secure and continuity features.

Software Maintenance and Support

Vallettasoft serves its customers with software maintenance and support activities not only during the software development stages but also after the software is put into use.

It provides 3 months free of charge maintenance and support services to its customers, with whom it has a software development agreement, after the software is put into use. The customer may request an extension of the 3-month period. After this request, Vallettasoft, in mutual agreement with the customer, determines the maintenance and support period together with the conditions, signs a software maintenance and support agreement and starts the process.

Vallettasoft; provides traceable maintenance and instant support services with its professional team specialized in the field, in order to ensure that the system is used and your processes are maintained without interruptions and disruptions in software development, updating, improvement and change management.

Vallettasoft, to its customers that it has agreements with within the scope of software maintenance and support service;

Installation of the system
Ensuring system integrations
Providing training to the user and system administrator on the use of the system
Remote support to IT staff or end user via call centers or e-mail
On-site support when needed
Elimination of errors and deficiencies detected in the software
Additional development of the software in line with the request from the customer
Complete software updates
Regular maintenance of software systems
Regular monitoring of the system
Checking system security
System improvement studies
Regular reporting of system maintenance and system status
provides its services.

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