7 things you did not know about seo 

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7 Things You Did Not Know About SEO

Google is no longer a part of the strategy to get more visitors to your website. It is very important to get a good and high listing in the results on Google for the right keywords. If you do SEO then you start with keyword research, right? Yet I believe that the importance of keyword research is sometimes overestimated. There are 7 that you should be aware of which you most likely didn’t know.

Number 1: Keep track of data

Often companies start with SEO and then stopped. SEO is a process that keeps going and it takes a lot of time. Once you are findable you will benefit from it for a long time.

Yet it remains important to keep optimizing your website. Keep checking the site for technical errors and keep your pages updated. The market, the competition and Google continue to change. If you don’t keep up with these developments you could lose your positions again. So make sure you keep your SEO up to date!

Number 2: Use statistics

There is so much information to be found online these days. By using Google Analytics and Search Console you can learn a lot about your visitors and your website.

The Google Tools are free to use and offer a wealth of information about your (potential) customers. So why not use it? Often we hear excuses like: we don’t have time for this. But in many cases it is less about time and more about laziness or they do not know what to do with the data. Set up and use your Google Tools. Make sure you understand what you can do with the information and then get to work on it!

Number 3: Create unique content

A quick way of expanding your website is to copy content. On your own website or someone else’s. But did you know that this is very bad for your findability? Google does not want to show the same content and therefore rewards unique content.

It makes no difference whether the duplicate content comes from your own site or someone else’s. Create only unique content. You can use other texts as inspiration, but make sure the content is different.

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Number 6: Be patient

SEO takes time. It is a long-term strategy. The advantage is that SEO is a sustainable technique that will benefit you for a long time. Disadvantage is that it takes a little longer before you start getting (big) results.

Of course you want to see results. You pay for it and/or you put a lot of time into it. But you will have to be patient. In a market with high competition in which you are hard to find, you will not reach the #1 position within the first few weeks. It is best to take a look at how long it took other companies and form goals for the short and long term. Keep in mind that you will long benefit from SEO.


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Number 4: Thorough keyword stuffing

It used to be that you could stuff a page with a keyword and you’d rank at the top. But Google hasn’t been sitting still. Now they can look much further than just content. They also judge content on quality.

So it is no longer enough to just use the keyword as often as possible. This comes across as unnatural and Google doesn’t want that. Therefore, you only use the keyword if it makes sense in the text. And you make use of sub-keywords and synonyms. This is because Google understands that these words are similar.  So, conduct a thorough keyword research and see what other similar terms are being searched for. And use several variants in your text.

Number 5: Relevant alt text

What is an alt text? The alt text stands for alternative text and is used with the images on your website. The text is not displayed on the website so your readers cannot see it. You use the alt text to explain what is displayed in your image. This is because Google cannot yet understand what is in your images.

Adding relevant keywords in a natural way has a positive effect on your findability. Make sure the text makes sense and that each alt text is unique. Use the main keyword, but also similar words or sub-keywords. To conclude, place a unique and relevant alt text with each photo. Use the main keyword, synonyms and sub-keywords.

Number 7: Mobile friendly

It used to be that Google indexes the desktop version of your website first and only then the version on mobile. But because nowadays most search terms are typed on phones, this has changed. Now Google looks at your mobile version first and only then the desktop.
You often see that certain content is omitted on the mobile version or that the content on the mobile version does not adapt well to the narrower screen. So, place all content on both your mobile and desktop versions and check the mobile version of your site. Make sure you adjust the mobile version if it doesn’t work quite right. This works differently for every website.

To conclude, with SEO you need to be patient and make the uses of the right resources. SEO is an effective way to reach your audience organically. It takes time and effort for SEO that is why some company’s ask for external help from marketing agencies. If you are searching for an agency VallettaSoft.nl in a way to go. They are specialist in SEO, it is always best to seek for a professional help.


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