Tips And Tricks Google Ads: Low Budget

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Tips And Tricks For Google Ads: Low Budget

Want to get started with Google Ads but don’t know where to start? After reading this article, you will learn the basics of Google Ads and get tips and tricks to help you achieve better results within a less budget.

Google Ads offers the possibility to advertise on the Search Network and the Display Network.

The Search Network involves Google Search, Maps and Shopping, and sites from search partners. The Display Network involves Google sites (e.g. YouTube, Gmail) and partner sites, such as promotional images on it.

Before you start

There are four elements that you need to have before you can start on Google Ads. These four elements are;

  1. A product or service to sell
  2. An advertising budget
  3. A website with a connecting landing page
  4. An objective (What do you want to achieve? Do you want to sell something or generate brand awareness?)
Basic knowledge of how Google Ads works

Google Ads is an online auction. Advertisers bid on keywords to get an ad seen. The bid consists of the maximum price the advertiser is willing to pay for one click (CPC) or per 1000 impressions (CPM).

The cost is determined by three factors:

  1. The bid: what are you willing to pay per click?
  2. The quality: Google gives a quality score to your ad. Is your ad helping the visitor?
  3. The expected effect of extensions and ad formats.

An Ads ad in the search network consists of a text without images. The ad redirects the visitor to a landing page on your website.

The structure of Google Ads

A Google Ads contains one or more campaigns. Each campaign contains ad groups. Each ad group contains one or more keywords, and you can promote one or more ads. A good and clear structure contributes to a successful campaign. It will save you money to have this done by a specialist.

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Location and time

Because Google Ads budgets are small, we recommend that you take a hard look at when and where you want your ads to appear. With the right setup, you can use data to understand when and where your site has converted traffic.

You can be very specific when you want to set a geographic area. You can target by country, province, city, town, or even a radius around a location. Which is great for reaching your audience in a very targeted way.

Example: For a small paint store focused on the commercial market, it is advise showing ads only Monday through Friday, not on weekends. This way we don’t lose any budget on weekends and can spend while our target group is online.

Landing page

Probably the most valuable tip. Many business owners are willing to invest because Google Ads will bring immediate benefits. You see extra visitors coming to your website almost immediately. However, if you activate it for a while, the image will change because no conversion will take place.

Often, you don’t have the right landing page to display your ad. It’s exactly this landing page that convinces visitors to stay on your website and contact you. Therefore, please pay sufficient time and attention to this as well. Do you find it difficult to create a landing page? A good marketing agency, like VallettaSoft, can create a well-designed landing page for you. So seek help if it’s needed.

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How to advertise on Google Ads with a low budget?


To advertise with a low budget you need to take a critical look at your product or services. To do so you can ask yourself the following questions; Which products are doing well? Which products have a good margin? Which products are in high demand?

The keyword is the main focus. Based on the keyword research + the current knowledge that you as an entrepreneur have about your industry, you can highlight a current theme. By focusing on current affairs you can generate visibility even with a small budget.

Limit the number of campaigns

You set up an account based on keywords that are searched for in Google and the corresponding intention. This way you always end up with multiple campaigns, for a click budget of 150€ it’s best to create 2 or 3 companies maximum, to which you then link relevant ad texts and landing pages.

For ads, set a daily budget for each campaign. It can be used by Google within that campaign. With a limited budget, this immediately guarantees that you can spend only a limited amount per campaign. Within that budget for each campaign, you may only get a few clicks per day because your budget for the day is already exhausted.

Text and extensions

We still see generic ad texts and extensions in Google Ads accounts with terms like “we deliver quality” or “we have fast service”.  Your ad text and extensions will continue to be displayed. The message should be very relevant, especially if you have a small budget and limited visibility.

Try to speak the language of your target audience. If you do this well, your potential customers are more likely to click on your ad. CTR (click rate) is improved. Also, continue testing your ad text. By default, we recommend setting up three different ad texts for each ad group.

Beware of negative keywords

If you have a small budget, you can also search for only related keywords. Therefore, check your account regularly to see what keywords are appearing in your ads. Be sure to exclude irrelevant words. It is useless to spend precious euros on irrelevant keywords.

Example: A company that is actively working on building spray booths for the business market advertises in Google Ads: + Spray booth + Purchase. Logical movement. However, as a result of the analysis, we also found that traffic is flowing in with the words + inflatable + spray booth + purchase. Again, it doesn’t matter. In this case, exclude the inflatable variant so that your ad doesn’t appear here.

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