B2B digital marketing strategies 2022


B2B digital marketing strategies 2022

The B2B digital marketing strategies in 2022 are an overview of steps and digital marketing activities for the long term to ensure a successful market approach for organizations. A B2B digital marketing strategy is the basis for your digital marketing plan and tactics.

The modern B2B customer journey

Where the traditional customer journey of a B2B customer was: awareness, interest, desire, and action. Today’s customer, however, is more fickle, has more to choose from, and therefore more to ponder.

Today’s B2B prospect starts with awareness, moves to consideration, may be on his way to an action, such as requesting a quote but may then jump back to consideration because he has seen other things online. That reconsideration occurs more often with today’s (online) B2B customers, before moving to action.

And after that action, it doesn’t stop, because we know by now: that it is easier to get an existing customer to buy again, than to get a new customer to buy something for the first time. In addition, you hope for word-of-mouth advertising by loyal customers.

4 steps in the B2B DIGITAL marketing funnel

Now that you have an idea of the customer journey, the next step is to build a good strategy for each part of that journey. The foundation for any online digital marketing strategy? A good website, of course. The platform on which the action should happen.

1. The basis: a good website

A good website is one of the most important components of any good B2B digital marketing strategy. And a good website meets the following five aspects. A good website is:

  • Fast – slow websites cause visitors to leave. People are impatient, online especially.
  • Secure – security is incredibly important everywhere, including online. For example, make your website HTTPs instead of HTTP by purchasing an SSL certificate.
  • Mobile-friendly – Yes, important in B2B digital marketing as well, as 50% of B2B searches are now done on a smartphone. Do we need to say more?
  • Provide a call to action – your website must be easy to use and there must always be an opportunity (in sight) to contact you.
  • Professionally designed – Bad design, difficult navigation, and not knowing how to find the right information are all reasons for users to leave your website. It needs to make sense. They also call this UX design.
B2B Digital Marketing Strategies 2022
2. Creating brand awareness

Before potential customers buy something from you, they must first find out that they need your product or service. To ensure this, you need to pay attention to generating brand awareness. You mustn’t shoot with hail. You want to reach your DMUs in a targeted way. DMU (decision-making unit) is a group of people within a company who are part of the decision-making process. Some ways to target DMUs are:

  • Digital billboard ads – targeted physical advertising at, for example, office parks during commuter times at train stations
  • YouTube video ads – targeted advertising on how-to videos or other business videos
  • LinkedIn ads – targeting job profiles and company size
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – top positions on relevant B2B keywords
  • Online PR – visibility through articles in niche media
3. Leading generation

Once prospects are aware that your product or service can solve a problem they have, it is time to convince them. You do that by giving them more and more specific triggers with reasons why they should choose you. You can do this for example by:

  • Google Ads – search ads on relevant searches
  • Remarketing – coming back again and again with banners and video ads
  • Promotions through affiliates and partnerships
  • An active blog and social media channels – make sure your customers follow your channels too
  • Persuasive website content – such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), rates page and an attractive ask-a-demo form
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4. Retaining your customers

The final step in the funnel is retaining your customers. Retaining customers is easier than generating new ones. Provided you keep engaging. Therefore, keep communicating with the customer, especially after the purchase of your product. Good ways to retain your customer are:

  • E-books and white papers – with extensive information about the latest innovations in your industry.
  • Marketing automation – with automated emails you always stay top-of-mind.
  • Videos – videos are perfect for adding extra experience with the existing customer.
  • Webinars – again, you can further engage the customer by offering them that extra bit of service.

To conclude, For each part in the funnel – from generating demand to retaining your customers – decide how you’re going to pay attention to it. Then determine what types of ways you are going to use at that point in the funnel. You tailor that to your target audience, and by setting specific goals for each part, you analyze, monitor and optimize your digital marketing efforts.

How to Choose a B2B Digital Marketing Agency?

No digital marketing effort is effective unless you focus on your target audience, and no other audience is as fickle and critical as business customers. Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy efforts should tell you how your business can help your potential customers, and you can only do this with the right digital marketing strategies.

In order to choose a B2B digital marketing agency that will create the right digital marketing strategies for your brand, you should not choose to work with an agency that appeals to you only in terms of budget. This would be a big mistake. We say this because many of our clients share stories of missing out on digital growth and revenue opportunities by getting stuck in the budget stage before they start working with us.

You should take the time to search for the best digital marketing agency with experience in B2B for your brand. For this, make a study of the questions you will ask the agencies with the information you have obtained from this article. Make sure you get answers to all questions when you meet with agency candidates. Give yourself plenty of time to find the B2B digital marketing agency that will provide the right service for your brand and help you achieve your goals.

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