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Digital Marketing Services in the Netherlands include media such as websites, search engines, web applications, mobile apps, social media, TV, radio, and other digital channels.

In short, digital marketing refers to marketing activities that are carried over electronic devices.

Digital marketing can be online or offline. Both of these types are important to create a diverse digital marketing strategy. Online marketing, which is the most important form of digital marketing, can include the following concepts:

Search engine optimization (SEO Netherlands)

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Content marketing

Social media marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing Services

VallettaSoft helps its clients to reach their potential customers with inbound marketing services for many years. Thus, it offers long-lasting and measurable results.

Seo Services

We analyze your competitors together with your industry to create custom strategies for you. Later on, we take action to rank your website in hundreds of keywords.

Web Design Services

We can help you to create mobile-friendly, modern, secure, functional, and creative websites for your brand or business to reach your potential customers easily.

Digital Advertising Services

VallettaSoft ensures you reach your target audience with the least cost and as soon as possible with the right internet advertising services.

Social Media Management Services
You can connect with your target audience, establish a relationship between your audience and brand with our social media management services.

Creative Services
We can produce creative, attractive, and interesting content to keep the attention of your brand to reach a wider audience.

SEO Analysis Services

We benefit from numerical data to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business or brand to implement the best practices that will help you to stand out in the competition.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

VallettaSoft offers services with its expert team that can optimize and provides added value to your online efforts with its consultancy services.

Digital Marketing Trainings

In our training sessions, we train our clients, their employees, and partners about the things that can boost their digital marketing performance. Our training covers everything you need to know about digital marketing.

Today, digital marketing is one of the most important marketing methods. You can use certain marketing techniques to increase your reach. However, considering that even our refrigerators are smart now, you need to benefit from the technology to the fullest. Using all the digital marketing techniques at the same time will definitely be in your favor. Well, how?

They will allow you to reach the right audience on the right platform at the right time with the least cost. You can share different messages on different platforms. This means that you can focus on sales on one platform while you focus on building brand awareness on another one. Each platform is unique, and they have different benefits. For instance, you can reach a wider audience in search engines, promote your products or services on social media, explain the details of your products on video platforms or target your previous website visitors on any platform. You can also promote and sell your products via 3rd parties or notify your customers that they have unfinished shopping.

Which Audience You Can Target with Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is an ideal marketing type for both B2B and B2C companies. Though it is a bit more challenging to target a B2B audience, you have numerous targeting options, and targeting this audience can provide you with a better ROI. You can literally find everyone that will be interested in anything in any part of the world. One thing you need to pay attention to is conveying the right message, achieving the highest return with the lowest cost! On the internet, the audience tends to examine each product in detail before they purchase anything.

When Should You Prefer Digital Marketing?

There are plenty of digital marketing tools and they each have their own pros and cons. For instance, digital ads allow you to reach your audience on the same day while it takes six months to one year to reach your target audience with SEO. On the other hand, digital ads are costly, and SEO offers permanent solutions with higher conversion rates.

Let’s assume that a buyer is looking for a device, its benefits, or challenges and finds your website while searching on the internet. If you post a blog post that provides answers to his questions, that buyer will buy the device from your store. This is also the same for the services. If you can establish a bond with your visitors, who are trying to learn more about a product or service, they will prefer you.

Search engines are a great source for conversion, but we should not neglect the importance of social media platforms too. On these platforms, you can connect to your audience, but it requires hard work. On the other hand, once you establish a connection, your followers will start shopping for you and click all the ads you are going to launch. Let’s assume that there are two companies offering the same services. One of these companies connects to its audience via social media and the other one is just focused on building brand awareness but no interaction. In this scenario, the company that connects with its audience by commenting, talking, and messaging, will enjoy more sales because it takes care of its audience. Moreover, its customers will also recommend the company to their close circle.

You need to use all digital marketing tools at the same time for the right strategy. This must include sales, loyalty, brand awareness, and other details that will help you to reach your goals as a whole. Using all these at once will also decrease your costs.

As VallettaSoft, we served hundreds of small and large businesses for digital marketing services both in the Netherlands and worldwide. You can contact us now to learn more about our services!

What Do We Offer?

We can increase your reach at least cost.

We can arrange social media influencers to promote your brand, product, or services.

We will let more people know about your brand.

We can boost your sales in your eCommerce store.

Influencer Marketing Services

Influencers on social media can promote your brand, products, or services. Our services cover social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. Thus, you can create a solid presence on social media.

Web Ad Management Services

We can run and manage your ad campaigns on popular ad management platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords. We can identify the right target audience with the right keywords for you.

These analyses differ depending on your industry and business. After our analyses, we can inform you about your optimum monthly ad cost, target audience, and how many people you can access. Our ad consultancy services will let you reach most people at least cost.

eCommerce Consulting Services

This includes efforts to boost your sales in your eCommerce platform. We analyze your website and determine the right ad campaigns to achieve your goal. After these, we identify the required improvements in your website such as editing photos, content, or other website modules.

After picking the right ad campaigns, we analyze your target audience. In this service, we allow our clients to get the maximum efficiency with minimum cost.

Social Media Consultancy Services

This service lets you reach a wider audience on social media and convert them to followers. You need to have a solid social media presence with good engagement to make your social media accounts popular on these platforms.

We can offer this service on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

SEO Services

We can help your website to rank in search engines. For this purpose, we analyze the structure of your website and implement improvements with detailed reports. After fixing the problems, we boost your website ranking with our efforts and promotions.

Timing and correct strategies are very important. Otherwise, all these efforts can easily backfire.

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